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Retirement Gifts and benefits

Our profession or work stimulates our mental well-being, however, we often see it as a job which require not only our mental but also physical capability to earn for a living. Whatever work you have, eventually you have to retire and begin living and paying more attention to your own self and life. Retirement is a big drift from busy working days to a new and free living where there is obligation for anyone to work. This is the perfect time for you to introduce yourself to some free excitement that you may have. A perfect time also to have yourself available for your family, relatives and friends.

Retirement calls for a celebration. Often, family, friends and colleagues throw a retirement party for the retiree, many gifts are to be given as well. Since after retirements, the retiree has all his or her time to rejoice and relax so it is best if gifts to give are something that could introduce a fanfare in the lives of the people. If you have decided to give a retirement gift to a retiree, you have to be mindful that a good gift should reflect retiree’s interest, age, sex and likes.

Gifts for the retiree could be anything. You may consider presenting a membership card to a movie and dinner club which can allow the retiree to go every month. The retiree will always remember you every time he or she does. If he is a golf enthusiast, sent him in a golf club. A getaway trip or sea cruise would really be fantastic. There are lots of things that are out-side-the-box which you can choose that can make long lasting remembrance which he she will treasure.

Let’s try now think of some things inside-the-box. There are lots of different choices you may put inside a gift box. One of the most popular gift you can give is a picture frame. This might seem common so you want to choose the one that has your own personal touch. There are many custom-made picture frames and albums sold in the market today. You may consider personalizing the frame by having the retiree’s name or initials engraved on it. Think of this Retirement Signature Frame, a frame filled with warm and thoughtful wishes that you can give to the retiree. This is a wonderful gift that will serve as a lovely reminder of his or her accomplishments and friends at work, which has plenty of space for colleagues where they can sign their names.One of the best places to start if you are considering retiring before the age of 65 is with your employer’s human resources department. If your company doesn’t offer full retiree health benefits, you may need to price other group coverage or individual policies to supplement your benefits.

COBRA will cover retirees for up to 18 months before they turn 65. That means that if you retire before age 63 1/2, you’ll want to evaluate your health coverage needs, including doctor visits, prescriptions and potential long term care coverage. You may even want to consider purchasing an individual health care plan.

You may also consider working part-time as some employers offer benefits to employees who work a minimum number of hours each week.

Finally, the best thing to do is to know your options well before your 65th birthday. This includes not only knowing about Medicare Parts A through D, but also understanding how Medicare supplement insurance might be right for you.

For more information about Medicare Part A through Part D, check out the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Other choices are sports gifts, which doesn’t have to be a real sports items, like sports trunks organizer, sport-themed cufflinks, miniature sports room and desk decorations, desk clocks and the likes. You can also include in your list travel monogrammed bags if he or she would like to travel after the retirement. There are actually plethora of choices that are available anywhere. You might want to go with today’s online shopping trend where much wider options awaits you. All you need to do is to set down, face your computer and do some clicking and you are almost there of having a nice and thoughtful gift for the retiree.

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