How Many Capital One Cards Can You Have

When it comes to banking institutions, there are many upsides that make a bank into a truly good one: ease of use, reliable, fast customer support, no transaction charges, no monthly fees…

But another important upside a bank institution can have is their credit cards: how good and how many can you have.

Capital One is a banking institution that is well known and loved thanks to their easy to use online based set up, their fast acting customer support and their excellent accounts which do not charge monthly fees.

This banking institution allows up to two credit cards per client, in a rule implemented in 2011 to prevent confusion amongst clients with many different credit cards. At the same time they do offer many different reward cards in tandem with different retail businesses such as Venture Rewards.

Capital One credit card is a excellent card for those that have average credit score, as it allows you to make your credit limit bigger in as little as six months through small payments.

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