Is It Worth Getting an Attorney for a Car Accident?

When you are involved in a car accident, there are instances where you’re going to need to hire a lawyer—cases like when injury, fatality, and long-term medical treatment are involved. When the turn of events gets complicated like there is a disagreement on which who is at fault, or there is unfair compensation is offered, or you need to take the other party to court, getting a lawyer is going to be worth it.

Although you can negotiate the settlements yourself, there are cases in which a lawyer can guide you through the legal process. Your legal counsel will lessen the burdens you have to deal with when handling the case, and they will be responsible for securing higher financial claims. That is why hiring an attorney in a car accident is worth it. Here are five detailed explanations of why getting an attorney for a car accident is worth it.

5 Reasons Why Getting an Attorney for a Car Accident Is Worth It

#1 Insurance Companies May Downplay You

Insurance claim adjusters are professionally trained to ensure that the liability insurance company is minimized. Regardless if this is the insurance company of your vehicle or the insurance provider of the other party involved. They can downplay the situation and use legal tactics to make sure they don’t pay out a large amount of cash. This means that the victim may lose thousands of dollars, downplay the situation for their benefit, and no just compensation.

This can all be avoided if only a legal counsel were guiding the victim. Insurance companies may downplay you by claiming that your injury is a pre-existing condition, factoring out future medical needs, or the potential losses caused by accident. What’s worse is your claim may be denied. Remember that you may lose thousands of dollars in this, that’s why hiring an attorney is going to be worth it.

#2 Time Is of the Essence

When it comes to car accidents, regardless of the extent of damage, insurance situation, or the severity of the injury, times is of the essence. The insurance company takes advantage of the time immediately after the accident occurred to devalue your insurance claim. That is why time is of the essence and contact a lawyer within the week of the accident.

The sooner you contact a legal counsel, the better, because you may be needing funds to pay for the medical bills or, vehicle repairs, or to cover lost wages. The insurance company will offer you a minimal settlement as soon as the accident occurs; this is called “nuisance value,” just to make your claim go away. During this time, you have no idea of the expenses you will have to incur in the future. If you do not have a legal counsel, you tend to cave in because of the offered straight-up cash.

An expert lawyer is also aware of the court filing deadlines, so you won’t have to miss out on any of these. This will also save you time in procrastinating and causing delays to your claim. In most cases, people involved in an accident are emotionally overwhelmed; they don’t know where to start—any delay results in a long-term problem.

#3 If You Are Not at Fault

If you are not at fault but fingers are pointed towards you, your first instinct is to protect yourself. Why take the blame for something you didn’t do? This is where a lawyer comes into your defense. If you don’t hire a lawyer into your defense, the insurance company may pin the blame on you. Then you won’t recover any compensation for any cost incurred, and you have to pay for all the damages out of your own pocket.

A lawyer will be responsible for protecting you with these types of claims. A lawyer will ensure thorough and unbiased investigation of the incident, its cause, and who is to blame. The outcome of their investigation is the key to receive just compensation. Do not wait until fingers are pointed at you before hiring an attorney. This also the reason why time is of the essence when hiring a lawyer.

#4 Compensation for Emotional Distress

You may not be aware of this, but other than seeking compensatory economic damages, you can claim non-economic losses. Economic damages have a specific cost, like car repairs, damaged property, or hospital bills. Meanwhile, non-economic damages are subjective and do not have a concrete value.

That is why hiring a lawyer will be worth it because they are experts, even in non-economic issues. You can file claims for emotional distress, mental impact, or loss of consortium (impaired relationships). Are you able to foresee these effects in the future? A lawyer may place an estimate on the actual and foreseeable damages depending on the severity of the situation.

That is why you have a lawyer to guide you through all this. Your legal counsel will fight for all the damages and make economic and non-economic damages that are appropriately valued. If done otherwise, you risk losing much money, and worse, you are risking to jeopardize family relationships.

#5 Think Long-Term

Involvement in a car accident is a tedious process; as time goes by, you will face many issues. This is where you’ll realize why hiring an attorney is worth it. There will be additional emotional distress and endless frustrations that you might want to give up in the long-term process. With a legal counsel on your side, you have the support and positive reinforcements you’ll need.

You also have to think for the long-term and after-effects of a car accident, especially when it involves life-changing matters. Did you know that a whiplash injury can be felt even after ten years? This will possibly need physical therapy in the long-run. Will you foresee this long-term effect of whiplash? Your lawyer will surely do, and they will take this into account when negotiating for a settlement.

Will an injury affect family relationships or work performances? You are unable to think of this issue long-term, but your legal counsel will present these possibilities to you. Your attorney will work with your medical team and assess the long-term damage of the injury and recovery. A potential of lost income and future medical costs, including therapy, will be taken into account by your lawyer.

Final Thoughts

Studies show that people involved in a vehicular accident and hired a lawyer has three hundred percent more monetary claim as compared to people who negotiate on their own. So is it worth it getting an attorney when involved in a car accident? No question, it is worth it.

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